How to choose and select your jungle gym.


We at Jungle Gym World would like to make the process of choosing your new jungle gym as effortless as possible! We have 2 unique ways of assisting you to choose. Below is a step by step process that you can use:


Please assure the jungle gym is appropriate for the ages of your children. Other way around:  there is a relationship between the size of the jungle gym you chose and how old your children are to use it.

We have developed a matrix that explains the age groups for each of our jungle gyms.

  Jungle Gym Appropriate for Different Age Groups
  1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs 4 Yrs 5 Yrs 6 Yrs 7 Yrs 8 Yrs 9 Yrs 10 Yrs 11 Yrs 12 Yrs
JG 1                      
JG 2                      
JG 3                  
JG 4                  
JG 5                  
JG 6                
JG 7              
JG 8                  
JG 9                  
JG 10              
JG 11              
JG 12              
JG 13              
JG 14              
JG 15              
JG 16              
JG 17            
JG 18            
JG 19            
JG 20            
JG 21          
JG 22          
JG 23          
JG 24          
JG 25        
JG 26        


  • Okay, so you've been through all the above points, but now you want to see in a matrix just what features each of our jungle gyms has, and you want to compare!

  JG1 JG2 JG3 JG4 JG5 JG6 JG7 JG8 JG9 JG10 JG11 JG12 JG13 JG14 JG15 JG16 JG17 JG18 JG19 JG20 JG21 JG22 JG23 JG24 JG25 JG26
1.5m slide attached at 800mm                                                  
1x Tyre swing                        
1x Tyre swing or Plastic swing                                                  
2.5m / 2.8m slide attached to play area at 1.35m and 3m attached at 1.6m                                              
2.5m steel slide                                                  
2nd play deck                                                  
2nd play deck (yellow)                                                  
2x sets of Climbing Pipes                                            
2x sets of Sky Ladders                          
2x Steering Wheels    
2x Trapese swings                                                    
2x Tyre Swings                                          
3m slide-attach from play area at 1.6m                      
Attachment with 2 tyre swings                                        
Balancing snake                                          
Cargo Net                                          
Climbing net            
Climbing pipes                                
Conveyor Belt Seats (On this item, the steel/wooden seats have been replaced by the conveyor belt seats)                                                    
Firemans pole            
Jungle Swing                        
Monkey bars                                          
Monkey bars underneath the 2nd playdeck                                                  
Option B: Slide Attached on side not inline                                                  
Overhead monkey bars                                        
Overhead Monkey Bars towards 2nd playdeck                                                
Play area        
Renting differs:                                            
Rope Ladder                        
Rope ladder along side climbing net                                      
See saw swing                      
Slide attached to play area at 1.15m                                                  
Slide attached to play area at 1.35m                                          
Slide-attach from playarea at 1.35m OR 1.6m                                                  
Step Ladder                  
Step ladder to 1st play area (blue)                                                  
Step ladder to 1st play area (yellow)                                                  
Step ladder to play area                                      
Trapeze Swing      
Tyre Tower attachment                                        
Tyre tunnel attachment                                                  
Waiting Play Area                                                  

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