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Investing in Outdoor Play Equipment?

Investing in Outdoor Play Equipment? Here Are Five Things to Think About


The one factor that draws children to their local parks is that there is enough outdoor recreation to keep them occupied. Jungle gyms not only help with physical development, but mental development too. For this reason, many parents have opted to purchase outdoor play equipment for their backyard. If you are currently looking at what the market has to offer, there are a few key things to first consider.


Jungle gyms are an investment. The hours of fun and enjoyment your child will gain from such an activity at home is totally worth it for parents who do not always know how to best occupy their child. The great news is that your little ones will have a healthy outdoor activity to participate in while having a blast. Bear in mind that not all jungle gyms are created equal, and careful thought must be put into your purchase.


1.    Safety of the Structure


First and foremost, safety cannot be ignored. Play equipment that has been poorly designed and constructed can lead to serious injury for your child. Young children fall often, and this a normal part of childhood. With this in mind, you will need to ensure that the jungle gym you buy has safety features that reduce the risk of your child getting hurt. Look at the kind of materials the jungle gym is made from, that it is not top-heavy, and with what type of reinforcement the structure is built.


2.    Age of Your Child


Another aspect that parents do not always take into account is how age-appropriate the outdoor play equipment is. It is not recommended, for example, that small babies and toddlers play on a large wooden jungle gym. Look at your child’s age group and what kind of activities will benefit them most. Babies love to slide, crawl, and navigate obstacles, while older children might enjoy a challenging climb or balance bridge.


3.    The Terrain in Your Yard


There are two things to examine before you make your choice: the size of your yard and how even your terrain is. Outdoor play equipment is not small, and when installed, you must remember that children will play around the structure too. Swinging and sliding, for example, requires extra space around the jungle gym, so when you buy outdoor play equipment of a specific size, it is best to add around two metres to your ground plan dimensions. Sloping and uneven terrain is also a no-go if you wish to avoid a structure that topples over easily.


4.    Future Expansion


As your child grows older, they will begin to outgrow smaller play equipment. Think about purchasing one that will stay age-appropriate for years to come and allow for expansion and accessory add-ons later on.


5.    Quality


Nothing beats quality. The quality of the jungle gym you purchase will directly influence how long the structure will last and how safe you can expect it to be. At Jungle Gym World, we are continually improving the quality and safety of our designs, which is why we have a reputation for exceptional products.


If you would like to purchase a jungle gym for your home, feel free to download our online price list or contact us today.