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Outdoor Play Equipment - Wooden & Steel

Outdoor Play and the Right Equipment 

The 21st century has brought us fantastic technological advances, including multi-functional cellphones, a limitless variety of tech gadgets, enormous smart TVs, smarter laptops, and even the ability to control your entire house with one universal remote. 

Children growing up in the world we live in today are surrounded by so much new technology that it’s easy for them to get sucked into the online virtual world. Yet, parents need to remember how important outdoor play is for their children’s development and health. 

Playing outdoors and spending time in nature has a myriad of benefits for growing children: 

  • Being outdoors improves real social skills. Stepping outside the comfort of your home and being outdoors lets you interact with others. This interaction teaches young ones how get along with others and how to make friends – skills they will need throughout their lives. 
  • Spending time outside increases vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps promote bone strengthening and growth. One of the best ways to absorb vitamin D is through sunlight, which makes it an important reason for children to play outdoors. 
  • Playing outside, on play equipment or any other form of activity improves children’s creativity and imagination, and also boosts their confidence. 
  • Exercise is always important in a growing child’s life. Being active and playing with different equipment helps build muscle and bone structures, which insures healthy and happy children. Exercising helps prevent depression, stress, and sickness, and increases the child’s attention span, which will help them in school. 
  • The outdoor world provides a wide field for the young ones to explore for themselves. Exploring on their own gives them a sense of independence because they overcome challenges alone. When exploring outdoors, children learn new and interesting things, and enjoy the fresh air and new environment. 

It has been scientifically proven that being outdoors and taking part in outside activities should be part of every child’s life. One of the best activities for young ones to do outside is playing on jungle gyms and different outdoor play equipment. 

Playing on play equipment helps teach children the art of problem solving. Seeing a problem or obstacle on play equipment and figuring out how to solve it gives the child confidence to solve later and bigger problems in life. Kids playing on jungle gyms and equipment also learn how to share what they have with other friends.  

Play equipment also helps kids grow and develop in a healthy and safe way. Jungle gyms help with developing muscle tone, coordination, and balance, and provide a fun activity to keep children busy and entertained for hours at a time. 

When looking for the right jungle gym to suit your child’s needs, there is one name to keep in mind. Jungle Gym World is one of the best in the business. We have a wide variety of equipment to suit children of all ages. We stock both wooden, as well as steel structures, and also rent out our steel jungle gyms. We design all our play equipment for both abled and disabled children. 

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