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Wooden Jungle Gyms Gauteng - Playground Equipment

In the Concrete Jungle of Gauteng, Wooden Jungle Gyms are the Way to Go 

Outdoor play and activities are much less prevalent in most children’s lives in modern day society. One of the reasons for this is the concern for the safety of the child. Sadly, we live in a world where it is no longer safe for children to play unsupervised on a jungle gym in a play park in Gauteng. There are daily reports about child kidnappings and, in some instances, molestation, feeding the fear of the big bad world outside the safety of our homes. Another reason is that children today find technology like iPads and online games more interesting than, say, for instance, playing outdoor play. 

Whatever the reason for kids not playing outside, caring parents are facing the very real problem of inactive and unhealthy kids. These parents know that being outdoors keeps children healthy and busy and are looking for alternatives to the play parks of yore. 

Fortunately, one of the best outdoor activities for your kids is an outdoor jungle gym. Jungle gyms take relatively little space, so they can be erected in the safety of a backyard and have a bunch of benefits for the young ones. They develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whilst playing on the equipment kids learn how to interact with others and how to share. Playground equipment increases their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Playing on play equipment also teaches kids how to balance, climb, and by overcoming obstacles, teaches problem-solving technics. 

There are many different options when it comes to jungle gyms, but wooden jungle gyms are one of the best structures to have, especially for older kids. Wooden jungle gyms are popular because of the natural look. Safety is also an important factor and with wooden structures being planted into the ground, they are more stable and robust, making it safer for children to play on. 

Wooden jungle gyms are popular throughout the Gauteng province. Most of the pre-schools, schools and homes in Gauteng prefer wooden structures because of its natural appearance.  

For top-quality wooden jungle gyms and outdoor playground equipment, Jungle Gym World is the best in the business. We have a large variety of options to suit every child’s likes and needs. Moreover, we have play equipment to suit all ages, from babies (aged 1-3) all the way through to 12-year-old children. 

We also make structures for both able-bodied, as well as disabled children, and we develop our products to improve and develop children to the best of their abilities. Alongside our jungle gyms, we also have all kinds of different play equipment which can be added on to the original structure as your children grow. 

We do provide a second-hand market too. We deliver to Gauteng and focus on the major cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria.  We will also relocate freestanding structures in the Gauteng area for a small extra fee. 

For more information about our different wooden jungle gyms and equipment, contact our team and help them find the perfect structure for you.