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Outdoor Play Equipment - Playground Equipment

Introducing Play Equipment, Sport and the Great Outdoors to a Digitally Distracted Generation 

To play is a key component in the development of any child. Not only does it help with physical development and growth, but playing also benefits children mentally and socially. It prompts them outdoors and away from the ever-increasing lure of technology and the slothful lifestyle that comes with it. 

Children should also take part in sport for no better reason than the sheer joy of it. Sport should relieve stress and not add to it – especially during practice. Game and race days teach kids how to handle stress and to channel their stress into a positive outcome. 

Engaging in play and sport is one of the best ways to make new friends. Participants quickly become friends since they all have something in common: they love the same thing. Taking part teaches kids to function as a team, the responsibilities that come with it and how to respect their team members, as well as opponents. Finding something that you are good at and practising getting even better, helps build your character and teaches responsibility. 

Participating in sporting and playful activities is the best exercise there is. It helps kids to stay flexible and in shape, strengthens muscle tone and bones structure, and boosts brain activity. 

Parental Guidance Regarding Sport 

It is hard to find the balance between motivating your children and forcing them into what you consider best for them. As such, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Teach your kids the basics first. Teach them to run, jump, climb, swing, throw and catch balls before making them use sports equipment. Investing in outdoor play equipment, such as a jungle gym, might prove to be a wise investment to lay a basic and essential foundation.
  • Let them decide what they want to do. Encourage your children to try different sports and let them choose what works for them. They will probably surprise you with their choice. Once they choose a sport, motivate them to finish what they have started and not quit after a few lessons.
  • Don’t push them too hard too soon. Putting too much pressure on your child will create fear of failure. It sucks the joy out of the sport and makes them quit the sport they once loved.
  • Don’t make everything a lesson. Let them enjoy the time they spend outdoors, playing, learning and having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Your own backyard is the best place to introduce new playground equipment. It is less intimidating than the actual sports field and a far more playful way to familiarise them with a whole new world of possibilities. 

Outdoor Sport and Play Equipment 

Jungle Gym World has a great variety of outdoor play equipment – from jungle gyms for toddlers to netball posts, basketball hoops and soccer goal posts for pre-teens. Our play equipment is adjustable and can be altered as your children grow. If your outdoor space is limited, you could invest in our jogging equipment. It is a great way of enhancing basic balancing skills while keeping them entertained in a small yard. 

Deliveries can be done in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion or clients are welcome to collect any of our play equipment themselves. 

Contact our team of experts, for more information about our outdoor sport and play equipment and prices.