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Baby Jungle Gym - Benefits For Your Baby and Toddler

Babies, Full-Time Jobs and Gyms: It’s a Jungle Out There! 

From the first moment you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, parenting starts. Initially, it involves feeding, cleaning and caring for the baby, but, as time passes, the parenting responsibilities become more complex. 

Essentially, parenting is about creating opportunities for your baby to develop all their skills to their full potential. Without adequate social, intellectual, language, reading and gross motor skills, a child will find the world a very challenging place. Creating these opportunities becomes a full-time job and often leaves parents feeling overwhelmed by confusion and guilt. Manning up to this grave responsibility does not mean a parent is responsible to plan out activities and entertain the child all the time. In fact, it is important that children have opportunities to explore, solve problems and overcome obstacles on their own. A baby needs time alone with toys or on a play-mat just to touch, smell and explore. 

What Benefits Do Jungle Gyms Have for Your Baby and Toddler? 

Hanging, crawling and climbing help babies and children improve muscle tone, balance and gross motor skills. Children who are well-developed in these areas have more confidence in their own abilities than those with weak muscle tone and skills. This, in turn, influences their social skills. They have more confidence around their peers, which might make it a bit easier to impress and make new friends. 

A jungle gym in your own backyard has several advantages. It saves you the effort and time of driving to public parks and exposing your baby to germs that tend to come with public facilities. You can keep an eye on your little one all the while getting some chores done around the house too.

Jungle gyms are colourful for a reason. Babies and children are naturally drawn to bright colours. Recognizing colour is considered a big milestone in a child’s cognitive development. It is the start of linking visual clues to language. A baby can start to differentiate between colours from around 18 months. Pointing out colours and naming them from a very young age will help develop this skill. Choose a colour of the week and point out all the blue bars on the jungle gym. Match them up with other blue objects such as toys, flowers, and clothing. 

Why Jungle Gym World? 

When it comes to outdoor play equipment, Jungle Gym World is considered to be one of the best.  Our structures are designed around the needs of babies as young as 1 year old. Clients have the option to buy or rent a jungle gym. 

Delivery can be arranged in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion. Clients outside these areas can arrange to collect equipment form our factory. 

When your baby outgrows the baby jungle gym it can be sold or exchanged for a more challenging one. Jungle Gym World has a second-hand market where structures can be bought and sold. 

Contact our team today for more information about our jungle gyms and how they can benefit your baby and toddler.