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Outdoor Jungle Gym - Explore the Joys of Outdoor Jungle Gyms

We are living in the 21st century where technology and security challenges have everyone in its grasp – kids included. Twenty years ago, children were able to play outside every chance they got. They would climb trees, ride their bicycles in the streets, and stayed out until it was dark outside. Unfortunately, kids today do not play outside anymore. Instead, they play games on a tablet, phone, computer or gaming consoles. 

Why is Playing Outside So Important? 

Playing outside has tremendous benefit for children in their growing years. Not only do they get to explore on their own, developing independence, but they also learn to be more creative. Their imagination can run wild as they come up with all kinds of elaborate stories and adventure quests. 

Physically, the time spent outside increases their health and sense of wellbeing. The kids get to move around by running, jumping and doing all kinds of acrobatic moves on the jungle gym, which ensures a healthy blood flow and improves their lung capacity. Being out in the sun increases their intake of vitamin D, which helps to strengthen the immune system and bone structure. Moreover, sunlight helps to combat depression, a disorder that is on the increase amongst children. 

What Benefits Does a Jungle Gym Have? 

With the help of outdoor jungle gyms, growing children can give their muscles a real workout. Muscle weakness can lead to all kinds of physical challenges, which could ultimately lead to low self-esteem and, worst-case scenario, depression. Playing on jungle gyms also helps to improve balance and coordination. 

When it comes to the matter of security, having your own outdoor jungle gym allows you to supervise your kids from your kitchen window and the peace of mind knowing that they are safe in your backyard. Most importantly, you do not have to drive all over town to give them some playtime in a public park.

Why is Jungle Gym World the Best Choice? 

When we design our structures, we keep the needs of the children in mind. For instance, a 2-year old will not be able to use a trapeze swing, while a 10-year old will get bored very quickly if they can only swing and climb through a barrel. We design our structures for able-bodied, as well as disabled children, making sure they grow optimally while having fun. 

Here are a few things about our range of jungle gyms and outdoor playground equipment:

  • We have a year warranty and will repair and maintain the structures when needed.
  • Our steel equipment can be bought or rented.
  • Our specialists will advise you on the equipment that will suit your child’s growing needs and the layout of the structure.
  • We will relocate your freestanding structures and playground equipment in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area at a minimal cost
  • We have a second-hand market where you can buy or sell your structure and playground equipment privately.
  • We deliver in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. 

For more information about our outdoor jungle gyms, please feel free to contact us today.