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Custom-Built Wooden Jungle Gyms

Looking for Custom-Built Wooden Jungle Gyms for Your Kids? 

Children are spending far too much time indoors these days. They are continuously playing computer games, watching television, using smartphones and tablets, and they just do not get out to play physical games anymore. Of course, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their technology time is limited, but if they have a reason to play outside, it will be far easier to get them there! The answer is custom-built wooden jungle gyms! 

Most kids love playing on a jungle gym and there are many benefits associated with these structures. They include the following: 

  • Better hand-eye coordination: Reaching for rungs, climbing up ladders, and negotiating heights and ropes force them to concentrate and to judge distance and reach. This helps to improve their coordination, which is crucial for their development. 
  • Stronger bodies: Because the movements from one space to another on custom-built wooden jungle gyms require some physical strength, it helps to develop the muscles. It is especially useful at targeting muscles that are not ordinarily used during everyday movements. This improves balance and muscular strength. A well-exercised muscle is always a healthier one. 
  • Better sleep: Children that are physically tired, sleep much better at night. Custom-built wooden jungle gyms can help to pique their interest in certain components of the structure, and they can spend hours clambering and climbing, which makes them tired. 
  • More interest: An ordinary run-of-the-mill jungle gym is already fascinating, but if you get your child to design their own custom-built wooden jungle gyms, they will be so excited! The process of designing their own structure is creative, and will stimulate their minds and imaginations for hours. This helps with creativity and problem solving. In addition to this, once their own specially designed custom jungle gym arrives, they will be much more interested in playing on it. 
  • It can grow with your kids: You can have custom-built wooden jungle gyms built to suit the needs, age, and size of a child. This means that when they grow out of a certain part of the jungle gym (perhaps the slide is too small and no longer a challenge), you can add other components, such as a cabin, hanging bars, or a rope ladder. The new additions to the jungle gym will then add more interest and they will be happy to spend more time playing on it. 
  • Increased social skills: While most kids are quite happy to play on custom-built wooden jungle gyms by themselves, it is even better when they do so with other kids. Jungle gyms in public parks and schoolyards encourage children to get to make new friends, and because the play is communal, it helps them to communicate and work towards a common goal. It also helps them to solve problems together – a skill that is very important in older kids and adults. 

If you are interested in learning more about having your own custom-built wooden jungle gyms designed and made especially for your children, give our team at Jungle Gym World a call today!