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Jungle Gym Rentals in South Africa

Ever Considered Jungle Gym Rentals in South Africa? Here is Why You Should! 

We all love it when our kids are entertained and when they can learn while they play. This gives parents a well-deserved break, while the children are doing something that strengthens their bodies and minds. Most parents are a little tired or wary of kids staring at the screens of smartphones or tablets all day long, and getting them busy on a jungle gym is a wonderful outlet for all that extra energy they seem to build up during an inactive period. While most parents probably wish that that they could buy a jungle gym for their kids, not everyone can afford it, and sometimes space just is not available to set it up. But there is an answer! You can now take advantage of jungle gym rentals in South Africa! 

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider jungle gym rentals, and these include the following: 

  • Your kids can benefit from the physical exercise. Clambering over, on top of, and underneath the structure exercises muscles that they would not ordinarily use, especially if they are not particularly active children. Hanging from monkey bars, for instance, is not a movement that they would normally perform without a jungle gym, and having a jungle gym for them to use allows them to frequently exercise these muscles. Muscles that work harder are stronger and healthier muscles, and your children can only benefit from more exercise if they are inclined to stare at digital screens a little too much! It also gets them out there into the fresh air, and the sun on their bodies provides valuable vitamin D, which they will not get if they stay inside. 
  • Jungle gym rentals in South Africa have grown in popularity because they provide you with a lot of options. You can choose which parts of the jungle gym you want to rent, and if you cannot afford the complete setup, just get a few of the favourite components that your kids love. This will reduce costs, and when they grow tired of these components, you can exchange them for another arrangement that provides new challenges. 
  • As your children grow, their needs change, and jungle gym rentals mean that you can exchange the parts of the jungle gym that they have grown out of with ones better suited to their newfound abilities. If you buy a jungle gym, you can simply buy the new components to add on, but you will still be left with the ones you do not need. 
  • People who rent homes are reluctant to purchase jungle gyms in case they have to move. If you choose jungle gym rentals in South Africa, you can take your jungle gym with you! All you have to do is to call our team at Jungle Gym World and we will disassemble it and reassemble it again at the new property. 

If you are interested in finding out more about jungle gym rentals in South Africa, give our team at Jungle Gym World a call!